Transition Time


Sorry, it has been some time since we’ve written to you all here. We finished up our time in California! It’s hard to believe that our year in mission can be over. We are truly grateful for the people we met there and the experiences we had. It is hard to believe that we were able to do something like what happened, and we have grown and changed, and discovered more about God and about ourselves.

We traveled back from Palo Alto to Ohio in December, driving mostly on I-40 some 2,600 miles! We listened to a lot of music, a couple audiobooks, and even over four hours of John Denver one day! We got to see more of Arizona and New Mexico than anyone needs 25005537_862194947282500_2504766962148573184_n

Catoosa’s Blue Whale


to, visit the neon-lighted U Drop Inn that was featured in the movie Cars, have cortados at Brick and Mortar Coffee in Springfield, MO, (which was a favorite), eat food from Cracker Barrel and Bob Evans again (we missed them), the Blue Whale of Catoosa, OK, and swim in a couple of our hotel pools to loosen up our muscles from the hours in the car.



We’ve moved back to Ohio for the coming months, and are in a time of transition.

Paul applied to some PhD programs, and we are living in Ohio until we hear whether any of them accept him for next fall. We hope to move to an apartment near one of the campuses sometime around getting accepted.

Hotel interior!


St. Louis


Home for the next couple months.











We have heard back a “no” from Notre Dame, which was a shock to us, as we strongly believed that the right next step for us.

So, we are reevaluating our plans and hopes, and trusting in God’s guidance for the next year. We are currently waiting to receive acceptance decisions from Indiana University and University of Illinois, and will work from there. We have also considered some other options, and are figuring out what those might look like.

Your prayers for us in this time of transition are greatly appreciated, as we are uncertain exactly what the future holds.



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